Our Services 

At Chalkboard Clinic, we understand the basic needs of an optimistic teacher / educator. Pleasant and non problematic teaching aids are the basics. In this case, the chalkboard is the primary asset. We specialise in turning your dilapidated chalkboards into new prime assets by re-surfacing, chemi-cleaning and drawing extra clear, permanent, standard and professional quads, irish, feint and margin lines as well as repairing and reinforcing vandalised and aged chalkboards.


The company is spearheaded by 3 technical staff and a pool of general workers whose engagement contracts are determined by work demand. While the company is based in Johannesburg, the sky is the limit hence a number of schools were serviced in Kimberly Town in Northern Cape and Nelspruit in Mpumalanga.


Long Live Steel Chalkboards


Steel Chalkboards are meant to last a century if well looked after, complimented with a regular chemi-cleaning. Many schools have embarked on repainting of their steel Chalkboards in an effort to solve problems ranging from getting rid of dirty and pre-stik to merely getting a new look to match repainted classroom walls. After repainting, the chalkboard obviously looks extra green, clean and looks more complimentary to the educator’s smart attire. Nevertheless, new and more complicated problems begin to surface a few days after:


Ø  Chalkboard becomes permanently whitish.

Ø  Chalk cannot be erased.

Ø  Chalk dust gets trapped on the board.

Ø  One has to use a wet cloth to erase

Ø  At a later stage, the board gets so slippery that the chalk has to pass through the educator’s mouth to collect little moisture to win the board surface.



In many instances, schools start pursuing avenues for complete replacement of their chalkboards and educators normally start to demand white boards, a capital project that would cost the school more than a hundred thousand rands. You will be surprised to find out that Chalkboard Clinic can bring back your Chalkboards from the dead leaving them looking and performing as new at a very minimum cost.   


Other Products 

It is our primary objective to create a pleasant teaching environment through supply of non problematic and effective visual teaching aids. Our supplies include among others;


  • Chalkboards
  • Whiteboards  (magnetic and non magnetic)
  • Pin Boards and Info boards
  • Flipcharts (standard and with castors)
  • Glass Boards
  • Easy Rail
  • Writing slates
  • Wooden frames
  • Letter boards


In addition we also supply Boards Accessories:


  • Magnetic letters / numerals
  • Drawing pins & thumb tacks
  • Dusters
  • Erasers and aqua wipes
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • White board markers

-          bullet tip

-          slim line tip

-          permanent bullet tip

-          wet erase medium & fine tip

-          highlighters - chisel tip

·         Flipchart paper



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