How to keep your steel chalkboard clean.

Educators/Teachers are well known for their smart general being and attire. However, the status of their chalkboards usually send a different tone.

Here are the 10 commandments of keeping your chalkboard clean.

The Ten Commandments

  How to keep your Chalkboard Clean 

Ten Commandments

1.       Thou shall not use pre-stik on the chalkboard


2.       Never paint steel chalkboard for whatever reason


3.       Only use dedicated erasers. M ultipurpose cloth such as floor polishing cloth should never        be used on the board.


4.       Never use wax crayons or markers to write on the board


5.        Ensure that your hands are free from fat and oil when using the board


6.       Do not use glue to stick number lines or any form of illustration.


7.       Do not attempt to draw own irish, faint or quad lines using permanent markers, for the lines        will be crooked and unpleasant.


8.       Clean your chalk board with dish wash in water using soft cotton cloth and once a month.


9.       Do not use the chalkboard for any other purpose other than chalk writing and magnetic            illustrations.


10.   Always call Chalkboard Clinic for dirty, whitish, slippery chalkboards and drawing of irish,         quad and faint lines