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The Chalkboard Clinic is a company based in South African which specialises in refurbishment of old, dirty, dull, slippery chalkboards through chemi-cleaning. You would be surprised to realise how much your whitish, slippery and aged chalkboard can be transformed into a perfect dark and new looking chalkboard within a short time. We are, indeed your final solution for fading and pallid chalkboards. 

We also supply and install new chalkboards, pinboards, whiteboards, flip boards, bulletin boards, marker boards, dustless chalks, erasers and school furniture.


To be a leading South African first choice dependable supplier and support service provider for teaching aids.


Teaching made easy and enjoyable through dependable and comprehensible teaching visual aids supply and support. We aim to achieve this through:

·        Quick response to service calls

·        Best and guaranteed workmanship

·        Maintenance of close following of global teaching visual aids solutions

·        Networking with teaching practitioners for updated visual teaching needs